University of Surrey Garden Society

Welcome to our little patch of Stag Hill campus on which you can join us in growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and anything else that takes your fancy. Our society is made up of both students and staff and there’s no need for any previous experience as we always teach and explain any techniques required – or work them out as we go along.

Send us an e-mail, join the Facebook group and/or just rock up whenever anyone is in the garden.


The map below shows the layout of the garden. The big beds are large enough to subdivide if you have enough ideas for different things to grow; to see what’s planted at the moment, find out What’s Growing On. At the top of the garden are a pair of beehives – they’re very well behaved, completely ignoring everyone so far.

gardensoc_layout with bees

Some things we did last year:

DIY jobs, like putting in the edging inside the polytunnel:

Planting things – chillies and potatoes here:planting chillies

We've had some problems chitting our potatoes (which is just the fancy name given to the process of leaving the potatoes on a table to grow shoots before planting them), but we've finally put in our first batch!

Social events such as the trip to RHS Wisley, some Pot-Luck dinners and pumpkin carving at Halloween:

sussing out the bonsais

The food had some interesting effects on some people

Susan watching the concentration

Selling produce – there are only so many radishes that we could eat. Excess produce usually goes to the restaurant on campus, Lakeside, and we sometimes run stalls like this:

Our Spring Market Stall

Digging – lots (but who knows, maybe someone keen on no-dig permaculture will turn up this year):

New tools!

It’s important to sit around and enjoy the garden over a bit of lunch (though it was a bit barren when we first got the picnic bench):

We have a bench!

Lunch always includes freshly picked salad leaves from the polytunnel:

Baby leaf



All this contributed to a nomination for the Best New Society in last year’s Student Awards:

Sowing the seeds of success

On the way to the Student Awards


Keep an eye on our blog to see what we’ve been doing recently; the other eye should be firmly affixed on the Facebook group (if you can) to keep tabs on things happening in the near future. If you don’t use Facebook, send us an e-mail and we’ll keep you up to date that way and with our online calendar. Please also sign up to our watering rota if you find you have a few minutes every so often to keep the plants alive.



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