Meet the Committee

The 2014/15 committee and 2015/16 committee getting ready for the Student Awards

Meet our 2015/16 committee who were elected at the society’s AGM in March

Will (President)

Will – President. Last year’s head of tools and equipment, Will is a second year Medical Engineer determined to see the garden grow and develop even more over the next year. With a love for DIY after growing up on a farm, Will has been instrumental in building the raised beds at the entrance to the garden as well as providing a platform for members to start their own projects. Over the coming year Will would like to see more students using the garden to learn about horticulture, DIY and tasty food!

Tom (Secretary)

Tom – Secretary. As an avid farmer (errm – tractor enthusiast perhaps?) and beekeeper, Tom has been key in the past year’s progress in the garden. Last year Tom organised a successful trip to RHS Wisley, and from Easter onwards helped to settle the bees into their new home.

Charles G (Treasurer)Charles G – Treasurer. Taking a step down as Garden Soc’s first president last year, Charles is now managing the society’s finances. The garden started with a generous donation from the university’s alumni though the Annual Fund, and is now starting to become financially self-sustainable for the first time. Charles is looking forward to the challenges of the year ahead, and loves the friendly little community the garden has bought together.

Charles P (Head Gardener)

Charles P – Head Gardener. Charles (yes, there’s more than one) is is going into his second year as head gardener for the society. Charles is always ready to help members with the day to day running of the garden, and he’s always on hand to resolve any issues that arise on the plot.

Emily (Publicity Officer)

Emily – Publicity Officer. Emily is a natural products chemistry PhD student whose research involves using tree bark to produce organic agrochemicals for the wine industry, so she’s used to getting her hands dirty in name of gardening. As well as tirelessly publicising the society’s happenings in every way possible, Emily loves creating delicious vegan dishes with our own fruit and veg from the garden!

Ellie Sayers – Events Officer. Works with the committee to plan and organise society events and communicate with external groups (i.e. Uni societies & external gardening groups) to arrange events.

Vacant – Head of Tools and Equipment. Keeper of the garden’s equipment inventory. If you’d like to take on this rôle, please talk to us. You’ll be pretty good at it if you can tell a hammer from a screwdriver, and if you know the difference between a spade and a shovel then we’ll hire you whether you like it or not!

 2014/15 Committee Profiles


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