Committee Profiles 2014/15

Charles Gray (President)

I’m Charles, the Garden Society President. I decided to get involved in GardenSoc because this project has so much potential to be a friendly little community on campus. Other than a pot of sunflowers, I haven’t grown anything in the past, but I am enthusiastic to learn! I look forward to popping up to the garden for breaks from my Electronic Engineering research as a PhD student. My goal is to get this garden off the ground by finding ways to bring members ideas to life, and make a good salad or two along the way!

Emily James (Vice-President)

Hi I’m Emily, the Vice President of GardenSoc. My role involves a lot of organising, responding to emails, designing and of course, getting stuck into work on the community garden! I still get my hands dirty when I’m not in the garden – I’m a natural products chemistry PhD student. My research involves using tree bark to produce organic agrochemicals for the wine industry. I’m really excited about seeing the society and the garden grow over the next year – I’m looking forward to creating some delicious vegan dishes with our own fruit and veg from the garden!

fruitbushplanting2Hi I’m Tom, the Treasurer of GardenSoc. My first experiences of Gardening were as a kid helping my parents out on the family allotment. My interest since lapsed but having recently got more interested in where my food comes I was keen to get involved again when I heard there was going to be an Allotment-style garden set up on campus. Since then I’ve been eager to get to grips with how to go about growing fruit and vegetables and have been eager to get up on the plot as much as possible! I’m looking forward to getting our first crop and to picking and eating it fruit and veg fresh from the plant (in flagrant violation of university food hygiene procedure!).

Contemplating life whilst holding a mini-pumpkin

Charles P – Head Gardener. Charles (yes, there’s more than one) has had previous experience with gardening so is reasonably knowledgeable. He helps members working on the garden with common day to day gardening questions, as well as being responsible for checking the garden regularly and alerting people if any gardening based issues arise on the plot and making sure they are resolved.

Tiff – Publicity Officer. Tiff enjoys taking lots of photos to publicise society events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She also helps create flyers, posters, stickers and other promotion materials. Her role also includes nominating GardenSoc for awards/bursaries and always looking for new ways of promoting GardenSoc ie. Stag media, Local Surrey media.

Hey, I’m Will, the Head of Tools and Equipment for the Garden Society. My job is to keep inventory of the Garden’s Equipment and generally advise on technical decisions. However I’m not infallible so if you have some tool knowledge you think I am missing, please let me know! I’m a First Year Medical Engineer and I come from a working farm background so I can usually help out if there’s a tool you aren’t too sure on and will often be the one pushing to get some animals once we’re settled! I’ll be at the garden quite regularly so say hello if you’re new.

Our events manager taking some pictures

Tom Pinnegar – Events Officer. Tom works with the committee to plan and organise society events and communicate with external groups (i.e. Uni societies & external gardening groups) to arrange events.


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